The creation of a special piece of work which a client commissions can be an exciting and challenging process.

Often someone likes the style and quality of a sculpture, but has something in mind which I have not yet sculpted. In this case, the first stage is to create several sketches for discussion with the client. When a position is agreed I will first sculpt this in wax as a small marquette. This can be changed and tweaked until the client is happy. At this point I will sculpt a full size sculpture, before a mould is made, which then goes off to the chosen foundry.

We use foundries in several parts of the world as each has its own specialism, some preferring small and others monumental castings. There is a heightened sense of anticipation when a large scale work arrives from the foundry, and a great sense of joy and achievement when it is installed and everyone is happy.

It can be many months or sometimes years from the initial meeting to final delivery, sometimes led by our work schedule or by specific requirements of the client. Every commission is different and part of a unique collaboration.

We are always happy to discuss new ideas and to be part of the realisation of your creative thoughts.